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About CodeIgniter

Here You Can Get An Incredible Site With An Amazing PHP System

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Codeigniter Is In A Like Manner Recognized For Its Splendid Presentation, Specific Documentation, And Basic Answers. It Is An Open-Supply, Solid PHP Structure This Is Utilized To Make Total Highlighted PHP-Essentially Based Sites And Bundles. CodeIgniter Is Explicitly Site For Manufacturers To Offer Them Additional Time A Long Way From The Pc, Developers Experience Building Undertakings Speedier With The Help Of A Rich Arrangement Of Libraries For Regularly Utilized Obligations And Experience Enabled Without Prohibitive Coding Rules.


Codeigniter is open source, webapplication a PHP framework.Codeigniter is loosely based on MVC pattern simple framework in php.

  • Codeigniter is open source, webapplication framework.
  • Codeigniter is light weight framework.
  • Codeigniter faster than any other farmework.
  • Codeigniter search engine friendly urls generator.

A REST API is a web service which uses HTTP methods likes GET, PUT, POST, DELETE for data manipulation over the cross platforms. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate How you can create a REST API in Codeigniter.